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Health Services

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Andalusia City Schools strives to promote health and wellness for students and staff.  Andalusia City Schools employees a system-wide registered nurse who serves all schools and a licensed practical nurse who works full-time at
Andalusia Elementary School .

Mission Statement

This mission of the Andalusia City Schools health services is to promote optimal health and wellness through nursing assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of the health needs of students.  The school nurses advocate health within the school and strive to meet the health needs of the students.  They act as liaisons between the students, school personnel, family, community, and health care providers.  Students with a cooperative support system have a greater probability of school success.  Healthy students, physically and emotionally, are better learners.

Philosophy of School Health

The purpose of school health is to meet the health needs of students in the school setting thereby enhancing their ability to learn.  We believe 
that health students are better learners.  The Board of Education recognizes that a Coordinated School Health Plan, implemented in kindergarten, continued through grade twelve, and integrated throughout the curriculum at appropriate developmental ages, plays a key role in helping children develop the skills and knowledge which will enable them to meet life challenges, to experience maximum growth, and to become responsible citizens.  A well-trained nursing staff is available to nurture and provide health services.  A well-informed staff endeavors to model health behaviors and choices and provides health care when the nurse is unavailable.

The Coordinated School Health Plan addresses the eight components that are organized to create a comprehensive program. These components include:

School Health Education
Healthy School Environment 
School Health Services 
School - Based Physical Education 
School Nutrition and Food Services  
School - Based Counseling and Personal Support
School - site Health Promotion
School, Family, and Community Health Promotion Partnerships

A copy of the Andalusia City Schools' Coordinated School Health Plan is available in each school's library and office.

Goals of the School Health Program

The goals of the school health program are:

•1.   To utilize the nursing process to meet the health needs of students as identified via assessment, student and parent  communications, and teacher assessment in a safe setting. 

•2.   To access health care services outside the school setting to meet the needs of students when indicated.

•3.   To encourage healthy, responsible behaviors in students who are childbearing age.

•4.   To meet the specific health requests of faculty and staff.

•5.   To meet the emergent needs of students, staff, and school visitors.

•6.   To assist with meeting the health education needs of the students.

•7.   To assist with providing programs that will help children develop resilience to enable them to meet life challenges, experience maximum growth, and become responsible citizens.

•8.   To promote student health through effective school, family, and community partnerships.